Company and Contact Information

Third Coast Vacations
11 W Mechanic St.
New Buffalo MI 49117
Toll Free: 269.371.2200

Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, but you are always welcome to call or email us and we typically respond within 24 hours.  If easier, you also have the option to schedule a time for us to call you via this link - Schedule A Call With Us!

If you would like to reserve a property asap but it is outside of normal business hours and you still have questions you would like answered, you can reserve the property online and notate in the reservation comments that you would like to speak prior to processing of the reservation.  Your reservation will fall into a "holding spot" until we talk to you.   We will not fully process the reservation, and your credit card will not be charged, until your questions are answered and you give us the go ahead.  


Please send me your Information by Mail (If Available).
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