Third Coasts Referral Program

Referral Program

Third Coast Vacations is the newest vacation rental property manager in the Harbor Country area. The name name be new, but owner Dan Saunders has been managing rental properties in the area for more than 15 years.

The goal of Third Coast Vacations is to create a high-end experiences for both the homeowner and the guest. We are growing our inventory and are looking for a few home owners who want to rent their unique homes to provide an unforgettable experience to guests staying in the area.

Big Bonuses for Referring New Clients to Third Coast!

Right now, we're offering referrers a 25% referral bonus for any home we take on for the first year, and a 10% referral bonus for the second year.
Here's an example: 75k in rental income = 25% management fee

This Means You!
$4688 for year one
$1875 for year two
$6563 total in your pocket! *

You Can also "Refer Yourself!"

Looking to switch property management for a home you own? Right now Third Coast is offering a “refer yourself” program with a discount of 25% off of our management fee for the first year and 10% discount for year two! It’s the same program!*

You don’t have to list with a huge company to see huge profits! Email Dan Saunders ([email protected]) or call us at 269.371.2200

*commission to be paid quarterly and is net of expenses such as marketing (Airbnb / VRBO) or other “like” expenses to advertise the property and other cost incurred for rental